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How Galinda Saved My Marriage

Tomorrow is my anniversary. We've settled on eight years based on the age of our first child and the year I left the Air Force. We're not 100% on the actual year we were married. That's not what this is about, however. It's about how galinda822 saved my marriage...

We'd been fighting all day. Unusual for us. We'd both been so busy the past two days, working on various projects around the house, then staying up with galinda until 0200 watching The Sopranos. I'm sure it was because we were exhausted. Today, we were beat, but still going around the house getting things done, and fighting the entire time. I was trying to do too many things at once, and so was she. We didn't have the right tools to complete the projects we started, or something crucial to the project was still packed in a nameless box under nameless others.

I'll mention here the slight possibility that the fact I had decided to give up scooby-snack when galinda gave up smoking might have contributed somewhat.

Towards the end of the day, as we're both trying to wind down for the evening, galinda shows up with two gallons of my wife's favorite ice cream (the three of us have been eating only fresh and grilled foods since I got my grill) which appeared to visibly calm my wife as she began scooping spumoni - a kind of East Coast Neapolitan made up of cherry/pistachio/chocolate - into a dish. The she pulled me aside and opened her purse to reveal: Two packs of cigarettes! "I bought cigarettes," she said.
"Do you have anything in there for me?" I asked? She reached in her hand, and pulled out a fresh can of Grizzly Longcut Wintergreen.

I single tear slid from the corner of one eye.

Not a single harsh word was spoken the rest of the evening.

Thank you galinda!

So I was working on the neighbor kid's computer, and could not hit google. Odd. I brought up my own browser and, to ensure it wasn't cached, searched for a word I've not searched for before: asshat. danzigfried, thought you might like the results of that search, as it is your favorite catch-phrase.
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