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It Is A Good Day to Die

Fantastic, wonderful weather we're having here in Saint Louis. Almost Texas weather. Makes me smile. I've been itching to play Dungeon Siege II but two things are stopping me. The first, I have no time to play. With two small children which require my constant attention when I get home from work, there is never any opportunity to play video games. The second, is that I really prefer to play as a LAN game. For me it's like, 1000-times more fun than sitting alone at a computer playing, or playing some unknown jerk-off online. I like the noise and excitement and raw energy of a LAN game. And I just don't have that here.

Still, I may purchase it just to play an hour or so each evening. I only have one Windows box left, and it's frame buffer leaves something to be desired. I may even upgrade my video card *sigh*.

It's Monday and the alcoholic haze of the weekend has cleared and the ache from working around the house dulls as I settle into my sedentary job once more. The phone calls and emails and tickets have been manageable this morning, but all I want to do is game. I have the itch. There have been few occasions in which I have been able to game to my heart's content:

Job V: 12-hour overnight shifts. I had no children at the time and packed my Bose speakers with my laptop every evening in going to work. We would game 10 of the 12 hours, 4-days a week, LAN-style. We had a minimum of two players and usually a maximum of five: A security guard who would come in on breaks, and sometimes, people who were off that night would come in anyway to play as they had nothing else to do. Ah, those were the days! Starcraft, Broodwar and Descent were the games of Job V.

Job W: 3-month temporary relocation. Wife set her schedule to come visit six-weeks in the middle of my time away from home. We gamed nearly every evening for 12-weeks. Game of choice: Diablo II. I initially shied away from RPG's as I found them dull and tedious. I wanted to continue playing Broodwar and my buddy who had just purchased Diablo II and was straining at the bit to play it, humored me and we played some Starcraft. Because of his capacity for kindness, I returned the favor to play a round of Diablo II. I never played Starcraft again, and my eyes were opened to awesome RPG's!

Job X: Geographic Bachelor: After work, we would close the door to the office, turn off the lights, power on the overhead lights, and game from after work to midnight. For nearly a year! Sometimes catching a game during a slow lunch hour. The game we would play? Dungeon Siege. We started with two players, myself and the NT guy. We hired our help desk guy (danzigfried) on this one question alone - "Do you like to game?" He did, and we hired him, starting a new game of Dungeon Siege. Eventually, we were up to five players. Brother-Man flew in from HQ once a month, and would call us from the plane, letting us know his arrival time. The Mighty Ernst was also up once a month working on another account and would join us for all nighters. Damn I miss that.

Job Y: As my hours grew longer, and I was working on side projects, I began spending a few nights a week away from home to work on these after-hours projects. Needing a break one day, I mentioned the above fondness to ximo who sucked his roommate in, and we played Dungeon Siege from start to finish in record time! Another era of LAN-play committed to the archives.

Job Z: After I sold my house, I stayed with celtmanx and he and I would play endless games of Star Trek: Elite Force II holomatch. drax0r and Robertson would show up now and again and we'd sometimes game until dawn! Recently, during my trip to Fort Worth, we split a six pack of Pilzner Urquell and strapped on our weapons once again! Alas, that was the last time I've played.

Furthermore, I just discovered that my title is one I used on 8/31/05.

Taking the wife out for Indian food (her choice) tonight for our anniversary. This is possible because galinda822 has offered to watch this children this evening. That reminds me, I need to see to reservations...
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