ehowton (ehowton) wrote,


Eric Howton Newton, KS August 2012

EVERYONE here (not an exaggeration) is either a KU fan, or a KS fan (this is the midwest after all). You can tell by the flags, license plates, clothing, and most jarring - yard art. I am of course a fan of neither. I don't even *watch* sports. But I do understand the rivarly - I liken it to UT/A&M back home or those rabid Auburn/Crimson Tide fans which are so pervasive in the south. That said, there are certain events at which I wouldn't mind blending in just a bit. "Howdy" and "Ma'am" stick out like a sore thumbs here, and well frankly so do I. catttitude says I'm "too weird" to be a Kansan. She's probably right. So I bought a hat.

"I thought you didn't like blending in."

"I like to have the option."

So when it came down to it, I chose the Kansas State Wildcats for three reasons: One, Bill and I had been to the campus in Manhattan on one of our many journeys together. Two, it was the most aesthetically pleasing design I've seen to date. And three? Well, its purple :)
Tags: ehowton, wichita

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