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Security Deposit

There are, arguably, lots of different reasons for bad behavior. That of course doesn't excuse the bad behavior - it never does. It just means that generally you suck as a human being - if you use your upbringing or your stressors as an excuse. Maturity, in part, is the ability to identify and over come bad behavior. Some can do it, some cannot. I'm really okay with that. As long as I don't have to interact with you.

But sometimes its inevitable. And even I, it would appear, am still not above being surprised at depths of psychosis of some people. I would have to say that I am generally trusting of everyone. But the longer I live, the less true that actually is. I saw a beautiful blonde at a stoplight several months back and my second thought was, "I wonder if in her world-view she suffers from expectation, having rigid rules which she believes will always apply no matter what external circumstances are?" It made me sad to think of her as unhappy in her needless frustration, always wondering why things never worked out the way she thought they should.

And I certainly didn't expect my renter to spray blood and urine all over the house requiring a Texas-law biohazard cleanup or to stuff a chain into the garbage disposal until it burned out because he believed he should have had a free-month's rent rather than returning his not insubstantial security deposit, which all of a sudden I'm glad we had. Taking the money was a lot easier (and cheaper) than suing him.

We also have a overwhelmingly efficient and magnificent property manager. I wish I was rich enough to give her the money!

I used to say in the lines of this blog too often that in general, I hated people. But the more distanced from them I became and the more I sought the middle path, the more I've let go of it. Its times like these that help bring me back to center - that even though his "needs" may have not been "met" immaturity and bad behavior is the retarded offspring of kissing cousins and probably make up a greater percentage of the general population than even I'd like to admit.
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