ehowton (ehowton) wrote,


"The Architect" got us backstage passes to the Blue Man Group!

Why does he look so doubtful?

Dinner at Pat O'Brien's :)

Cigars & Scotch afterward...

Universal Studios Orlando

Thank you SUSE, Thank you Intel!

SUSEcon was a very enriching experience - their "first" annual - it was filled with the *actual* German developers and engineers who not only support the product, but worked on its entire lifecycle. A very engaging group of people whom I enjoyed tremendously, and learned much in the process. I was thrilled my employer authorized us to attend and to be working side-by-side my client "The Architect"; though we have different missions, collaboration at this level will be mutually beneficial for a successful deployment.

The hosts were gracious and the attendees, while diverse, were a joy to meet and visit with. Topping out at 500 convention-goers, vendors and staff, it was a small enough group to allow a very attentive and personalized discourse.

Tags: ehowton, linux, susecon, work

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