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The Awakening

I was driving to see Bill the other day, just on the Highway 50 overpass crossing over, then cloverleafing to Meridian, when I thought about how much I enjoy being wrong. I could think of no better example of a direct line to new knowledge than understanding something differently than I thought I already knew. That is, for those us who's lives revolve around seeking it. But does it really? Aren't there more important things in life - living life, for example - than just seeking knowledge?

While I've been on this path a very long time - looking back (If you know what you're looking for, it's easier to find it when it has already occurred - pattern recognition cannot take place without first a pattern to draw from) I can see it as far back as 1993. But I think my latest course correction, turning point if you will, was one of catttitude's experimental phases.

Yes I give things like these much thought. Individuals may take a factoid or idea and recognize it then choose to dismiss it or not, I seem to catalog it prior to recognition. What I recall and when (or perhaps more baffling what I don't recall or why) seems to be a never-ending source of entertainment to me. While some people spend a great amount of time, money and effort in pursuit of entertainment, I seemingly get mine for free - and if that's not "living life" I don't know what is.

My wife went through this empowering phase of, "Screw what everyone else thinks, I'm going to let them know what I think!" I was all of a sudden excited and nervous - its an altogether freeing-yet-potentially-exiling concept. Did I have the courage she did to live my life as such? Once I convinced myself I did, it was no longer a "phase" but a lifestyle change. Which is possibly what caused so much friction when her phase ended, and mine had just begun. I was, it seems, forever altered.

Her assertion that reverting was the right course of action for her was complicated by the fact that continuing down my new found path was the right course of action for me. Problematic to be sure, but insurmountable? While that answer remains unknown, it continues to fascinate me. Tony Robbin's TED Talk seemed to fire me further. I've always rejected the "power" of "attraction" but have lived the positivity which comes from a singularly open mind rife with comparing and contrasting differing points of view.

Last night I dreamed I was running. I had hundreds of miles to go, and chose to run there, down the freeway, on foot. I was passing cars and trucks, having difficulty getting past the slow moving vehicles on the entrance ramps, but surpassing them and keeping up with them once I was on the multi-lane highway. Intermittent stop signs and traffic lights slowed me down, but once the light turned green and I wove my way through traffic on foot, I was able to, if not pass all the cars, at least keep up with them. At one point, I thought I might do better running on my hands, and once I made the switch, did surprisingly well. Running down the highway on my hands. Unbelievable!

In dreams, any kind of highway represents a symbolic journey in real life; this may be related to your career, your private or your social life. Your actions on this journey will be significant; everything that occurs will be significant for your dream interpretation.*

In general, activities such as running are self-sufficient, pro-active and personal modes of progression, owing their movement entirely to will and physical effort. A possible Gestalt interpretation would be to regard dreams of running as projections of the dream'er developing independence and autonomy. Your competence within your dream activity depicts your emotional stage. If you are agile, this suggests you are coping well. If movements flow, you feel in harmony with your emotions and your sexuality. If you were running and keeping up with the others, this is a positive sign.

To dream that you are running is considered a positive sign, as it suggests speed, energy and direction. If you are running forwards, this indicates confidence or taking responsibility.*

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