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Posted on 2012.09.27 at 00:00
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This video from Mindvalley co-founder and CEO Vishen Lakhiani attempts to redefines goals-setting, and explains why the ones we have now are keeping us from reaching our fulfillment potential by discussing the difference in our motivations by way of societal goal-setting. A self-proclaimed "total personal growth junkie" he's out to "heighten human consciousness" and has spearheaded Awesomeness Fest a sort of TED Talks to share ideas on personal growth. He says, "Because goal setting, or at least the way most of us are trained to do it, actually gets us to be obsessed about the how of attaining our goals, rather than the passion, the vision, and the beauty of the goal itself."

Where have we heard this before?

A Spoonful of Sugar: I damn near preach that the journey, not the destination is what makes the destination worthwhile. I think you'd be hard press to enjoy all the destination has to offer without the fulfillment of how you got there.

Mennonite Pirates: A means to an end more poignant insofar as the journey is the point of the journey no matter the artificial borders we construct as destination.

So many of us in our younger years think that a means goal is actually a end goal; we confuse the two and both of these things are really, really, really different....End goals are beautiful, they are the end result of being human - end goals are about experiencing love, travelling around the world, being truly happy, contributing to the planet, learning a new skill. Means goals are the stuff that society tells us we need to have in place to get to happiness. For example getting a good GPA, getting into college, getting into a particular firm, being with one particular someone, getting a good review at work. The problem is we get so obsessed over these means goals that we lose sight of the end goals.

He goes on to talk about how all end goals fall into three buckets (and readers of this blog will no doubt also be familiar with these):

  • Experience

  • Growth

  • Contribution

He even quotes (HEXAREQUISITE, Pt. II - Needs of the Spirit) Tony Robbins! His suggestion that by setting end goals rather than means goals, we open ourselves up to more possibilities which fall outside the societal norm, thus gaining true happiness faster than "ordinary people."

Simply by asking, what drives you?

I will one day share a stage with this man.


law_and_love at 2012-09-27 19:32 (UTC) (Link)
Hey stranger
It's your neighbourhood friendly Angelyne
At my super secret account!
Thought I would let you know that I'm back on the LJ scene. =)
Hope all is well with you!
ehowton at 2012-09-28 02:32 (UTC) (Link)
Hey you! I stalked your FB the day I closed my account trying to catch up before I signed off. GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK :)
michelle1963 at 2012-09-30 23:08 (UTC) (Link)
I LOVE hearing these concepts touted. I have often felt like the odd man, uh er, woman out when asked about goals. I have always said that I didn't really have any, given that I never believed a particular achievement, or owning a particular object was the road to happiness. Any joy these things bring are fleeting in the grand scheme things. For me, my joy has always come from learning, having new experiences, sharing ideas, and maintaining a contentedly joyous outlook throughout the journey.
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