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You're a Daisy if you do

My large, declawed cat, Daisy brought my wife a present this morning. Two of them, actually. Bunnies. How she managed them both, no one knows. She's slowing down these last few years, doesn't have quite the energy she once had. But brought us two bunnies nonetheless. At least we now know she still loves us.

Monday and Tuesday have been unusually slow in the office. And we've had much cooler weather. This combination has put me in a very good mood. My days have only been marred by the lack of drax0r's online presence. He's been having his own issues at work. Today, however, my conference call schedule is from 0800-1200; 1330-1500. Damn!

Do it.

The Cluck comes out at night,
The Cluck comes out at night...

I like my BSG toys. At first, the Viper was my favorite, as it is the most highly and accurately detailed. But the Galactica is just so awesome - so imposing. I think it my be my favorite now. galinda822 likes the Raider. I can't wait until October!

In a surprising move from my buddy with the head issues a few posts back will soon be joining me on lj! Hooray! Welcome photogoot.

And lastly, we'd like to tip our hat to professortom for this enlighting entry:

The most amusing part to all of this, is how instead of enriching the quality of his comments to further our own intellectual debates with each other and ourselves, he's been denegrated to village-idiot status. Hey, whatever works - and he's much funnier this way regardless.
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