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What People See

I know a girl who "sees things." Not dead people necessarily (though admittedly I haven't asked), just...things. The same things that you or I might miss, and as an artist with an artist's eye, she brings these things to us. On her blog she reveals to us details in television or film we may ourselves miss - and because of her, I myself have started "seeing things" much like the discovery that a very odd photogoot used to sit through an entire film four times just to watch the lighting exclusively from each corner of the screen - it helps me appreciate detail more.

I recently ran across something I didn't even know existed: SUPERNATURAL: The Anime Series. It was the last one in the sale bin and marked $10 - for 22-episodes! I also discovered though watching the special features that this was the first time an American live-action show was ever reworked as a Japanese anime, for those of us who enjoy that sort of thing (been watching Full Metal Alchemist on and off with my son).

So when anime Impala crests anime hill and I absently saw the anime billboard - that's when what quicksilvermad does caught me by surprise, for I saw it too this time. Japanese fans of the series, conceptualizing, writing, producing, drawing, and inking their perception of America:

DRINK COFFEE: Do Stupid Things Faster with More Energy

Tags: supernatural, tv

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