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Pinched a nerve or something. Last time it was a fiery cord from the base of my skull, across my shoulder, wrapping around my bicep and terminating in my elbow. This time it cradles my left shoulder blade. I asked my doctor for 10/325's and he gave them too me after a speech on physical security and the street value of what he was about to prescribe.

As I've stated in the past Vicodin doesn't do anything for me if I'm not in pain - no high, nothing. But when I am in pain, well...suffice it to say I'm not for long. I also metabolize Vicodin very quickly. It doesn't work for very long in my system unless I'm completely still, which I have been - and its worked very, very well. Mostly I required it for sleeping, as the pain would keep me up at night. My doctor included a muscle relaxer and Valium. I've gone from 7-8 hour nights to 10-13. So if nothing else I'm very well rested.

And calm. Oh so calm. Apathetic nearly. From this perspective I can see myself just existing for eternity. No hopes, no dreams, no miseries and no joys. Just existence. Doing the bare minimum to ensure my responsibilities are met, but never exceeded. I no longer know what it is I desire. I've become flush with discontent.

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