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Tivo'd four movies last night, burned one, have 10 more to burn, downloaded, created, printed, cut and inserted five DVD covers for a total of 20, and I have 10 more to create. Thirty days until I turn off all my movie channels.

Never got that Nokia cable to work. Asses.

I think my Phillips multimedia player is going out.

The Magnavox is doing a superb job and I'm happy with the quality of the recordings if they're set to SP (2-hour) but I have several movies which were recorded at 2.5-hours & 3-hours. The darker scenes are the ones which disapointed me. Oh, and my recorder is black...

SomeBritInMass and his wife were pondering Daisy's ability to capture and bring TWO bunnies up the deck without claws, and they settled on what I consider the most plausible theory yet: A Romulan cloaking device!

It's been a slow week
You've gots no sleep
Hey take a peek
Life sucks

You thought it'd better
Today more than ever
You deserve better
You were wrong

Oh why me lord?
Show me the door
Can't stands no more

If things were more exciting
It'd be damn near frightning
You'd be electrifying
But not today

So suck it up
You don't give a fsck
Tonight, bottom's up!
And party like it's 1999

Further news on the new BSG series here.

Anatomy of the poem: The first stanza expresses how external forces can influence us, in this case, negatively. The second stanza touches on how we, as individuals crave more than being pawns to said influences, demand it even! The third stanza shows our resignation to these influences, followed in the fourth stanza by the usually shallow and egotistical belief that one can overcome one's circumstances; knowing full well they always have and always will fail. The last stanza deals entirely with the ultimate outcome of those external forces, each in their own way.

Also, I've decided that needing to urinate everytime you mention it's time for a scooby-snack is not a psychosomatic response, rather, it's the 1-litre of water I intake hourly between our breaks.
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