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The Tone of Intimacy

The tone of intimacy is at all times, kind. The tone of intimacy is honest, yet respectful. The tone of intimacy is one which seeks out, all the while knowing it is also being sought; two hunters circling each other with the parry, feint and thrust of transparency, vulnerability and reciprocity. Intimacy's tone is a dichotomous beast which has every intention of getting its unquenchable fill of whatever it needs by giving freely of itself - wholly if required, in an everlasting self-sustaining cycle of mutuality. The tone of intimacy is at times a single bow across a stringed instrument with the capacity to emit the cacophonous roar of the sounding of the angel of heaven's seventh trump.

The tone of intimacy is meek when meekness is required, and powerful when called upon for strength, effortlessly vacillating between the two. Gentle in nature, the tone of intimacy never demands more than it can chew nor gives more than it can bear. It is the perfect causality of yin & yang, that which is both seen and unseen, spoken and unspoken; that which is perceived by the ears and silence both, as applicable. The tone of intimacy is pure and self-perpetuating when optimally operating.

It is not defensive nor demanding, fragile nor thin-skinned, for it exists in and of itself as well as for others - any weakness would threaten the foundation of its existence. But much like the mighty Phoenix of lore, the tone of intimacy exists in an endless cycle of death and rebirth - it can be wounded, but it can never be slain.
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