ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

None of the Above

I watched every debate leading up to the 2000 election in drax0r's hotel room in Massachusetts. I was convinced that Al Gore was the antichrist, bent on the destruction of modern civilization as we know it. I believed that George W. Bush was the savior we had all been waiting for.

Two things happened, separated by a decade.

First, I realized I may have been wrong about Bush. But only 10-years later did I wonder if Al Gore would've been the better choice.

In 2004 & 2008 I voted Libertarian.

I have served in countries led by an absolute monarchy who's constitution is their bible, so I'm not saying that the freedom to vote isn't a hard-earned privilege. I did however, exercise my right to not vote this year. I may very well feel differently four years from now. I was also disheartened today to learn that my children were told in school that Obama was "for America" indicating that Romney was not. I am confident that either leader has this nation's best interests in mind, albeit under two different - but likely very workable - directions.

Taken October 15, 2006

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