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I am, to put it unpretentiously, magnificent. I blow into Mennonite Headquarters and seemingly start announcing policy which needs to be enacted. I'd like to now report it has, and I was not only pleased with myself, but also a grinning conformist :)

From my June 12th 2012 post:

[At the DMV] Since there was no semblance of order to the seating - it wasn't a formalized line - I asked, "Is there a sign-in sheet? Or a numbered ticketing system?" Before the arm-sweeping woman could answer, one of the younger women on the seats spoke up, bolstered by being in a small group of similarly aged young women, "Yeah, a sign-in sheet." No doubt wanting to put this errant insurrection I had caused to a quick end she of the sweeping arm asked to the entire crowd, "Who was the last one in here?" One sitting lady raised her hand but admitted that she came in after I did. With more arm-movements orchestrating a perceived dance of marionettes she indicated everyone should stand and reseat themselves in order. No one moved.

TODAY HOWEVER! There were signs posted all along the stations: "Please have a seat to the far right in the order you arrive."


From my June 22nd 2012 post:

[At Wal-Mart I was told to see the pharmacist] After the girl at the Wal-Mart pharmacy gave me my medication, I tore the bag open and verified its contents. It was indeed what I was expecting. Because she gave me no compelling reasons for speaking to the pharmacist, I didn't. Policy does not compel me. You want me to do something, you're going to need to give me a reason.

TODAY HOWEVER! She held up the sack which contained my son's antibiotics in one hand, and my receipt in the other. Walking toward the "Consultation" window, but still looking at me (and still holding onto the sack of medication) she said, "The pharmacist would like to talk to you about your medication first."


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