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pirate101 ship

The skies can be a mighty dangerous place, and inching toward an ever-increasing threat requires strategic planning with tactical execution. Enter Great Hunter, the Bison-class heavy galleon. Despite the fact she shows as a "Level 30 only" ship and the blockade to Tumbleweed Skyway still announces that I must turn back, it wasn't enforced! I was able to get through with my frigate at level 26 and purchase the heavy galleon; usable at level 28. With the integration of Crown Shop "Great Boar's Tusk Armor" (everything else purchased with gold seems adequate), she's sits at a whopping 1670 hull integrity.

The catch is, a boat this big doesn't exactly stop on a dime... Now please don't mistake this ship for fast. While its difficult to gauge speed on something this large, I do have what with rudder improvements and sails, a 19% speed increase, which appears to be the fastest so far, but again, hard to tell. At any rate, BRING IT ON!
Tags: gaming, pirate101ship

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