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“danzig and I had a nice lunch of Chipotle together. For those of you who do not know, 80% of my diet for the past month or so has been fresh vegetables and grilled fish, so this freshest fast-food joint I've ever seen, was quite a treat - especially in the company of danzig, whom I have not seen in some months, aggrivated by the fact that he's 'too busy' to post.

He posted last night that he was going to grab a Pizlner Urquell and give it a try, but saw the beer of his hometown, Iron City beer, and grabbed that instead. Promises to try the Pilzner some other time. Thinking along the same lines, I picked up a bottle off Iron City today, and drank it.

I find that Coors light has more strength than Iron City beer. I mean that, it was the weakest beer I think I've ever had. And if he's going to drink a pilzner urquell because I drank an Iron City, well, he may die in his sleep tonight. Now, I understand the whole 'hometown' beer thing, because I'm the only person I know that can still sit and enjoy a Lone Star beer, and my friends, that's really saying something.

I've got six cans of scooby-snack, ten CAO cigars in a mini-tin, nine strong beers left, and ten new Hot Wheels. Yes, I plan on doing nothing for the next four days but smoking cigars, drinking beer, and playing Hot Wheels with my kids. Now, my boy's more creative than I am, or at least has the spirit of play in him, and I base that on the ten cars he picked out. Myself, I stuck to the classics mostly.

'57 caddy,'65 bonneville, '65 mustang, '67 gto, '69 gto, '69 charger, '70 cuda, '70 superbird

Boring, I know. You have been warned, yet you keep coming back for more.”

Transcribed by: ehowton

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