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I wouldn't say that I "relive" the experience nor confuse it with reality, but I do have very strong associations between instant coffee and my time in Saudi Arabia. I keep expecting a certain amount of time to pass which will nullify this. To date, however, this has not been the case. Its as strong as it ever was.

I was in the unique position to be attached to Her Majesty's Royal Air Force - which came with many perks not seen in the US Armed Services, one of which was an allotment of tea and instant coffee - something I had not had in any quantity before or since, but somehow managed to survive on the 5-months I was in country. Given the stressful mission and circumstances, somehow an association was formed between the two.

I enjoy good, strong coffee and purchase fairly expensive coffee makers. Given my routine, I rarely require instant. On occasion, however, it is unavoidable. And I am always immediately transported back.

Its unnerving as hell, though I have grown accustomed to it.
Tags: coffee, saudi, usaf

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