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Nested Asininity

I had no idea, when I got my son the PS3 he's wanted since its release, that it would take me 4 hours to *actually* use. This was due primarily to the Playstation Network's multiple account level authentication. We created a user on the console, but due to his age, he could not access the Playstation Network without first having a Master Account set up. So I set myself, which I couldn't use while logged in as him. So I created my account on the console, but couldn't authorize him to use it while I was logged in. While I was on the webpage at my computer I started putting in the codes for his games and trials. Some of which worked on the webpage, but others would work only when input from the console. And the free trial of Playstation Network Plus required an entire series of its own nested credentials apart from the console login and Playstation Network login. Only after I created his sub-account did I find this message:

Once a subaccount is created, it cannot be changed to a master account even if the account holder becomes older than 18 years old.

I wonder what the point of that is? So AFTER we shuffled the multiple levels of logins and accesses (and I still haven't really figured out who has to login to what to use which) we settled in for some Netflix. Which, believe it or not, wanted an account creation separate from my existing Netflix login and existing console login, and existing Playstation Network login. So rather than do that, I had my son use his login. We waited for the Netflix app to download and install, but then it wouldn't let his sub-account access it. So I had to re-login, and it had to re-download and re-install the app!? Two instances? Again, I wonder what the point of that is.

And we had to do this over and over and over.

What a mess.

Got my daughter a "full-size" netbook (or...laptop without an optical drive, whichever) which came with Windows 8. An operating system I hope to never have to use professionally or otherwise. I figured it would be easy enough for me to figure out how to use it to support my daughters rather light needs. I was wrong. It doesn't even make sense to me - and operating systems are kinda my thing. Baffling. Anyway, so I bought her The Sims 3 because I found a really good deal on it at Best Buy. So I installed it with my external, detached it, and gave her the laptop back. It didn't work. Requires the install CD to run? In this day and age? Win8 has a "mount iso" option built-in. Nice. So I created the iso and mounted it. Only thing is (and hidden somewhere in EA's anemic support "forum" (they seem to prefer problems which are only 146 characters in length, or facebook) there is the caveat that it will only ever run with the physical disc. Again, in this day and age? So I posted to twitter (I'll be damned if I'm going to reinstate my facebook just for a trouble-ticket) "@AskEASupport PLEASE PROVIDE A VALID EMAIL SUPPORT ADDRESS FOR PROBLEMS OVER 146 CHARACTERS LONG. Thank you." I'm going to assume they have some sort of digital version available, and will request that, because I don't think Best Buy is going to let me return an open game.

I really don't know when all this simplicity became so complicated, but I've been rather frustrated lately because of it.

EA Support (I used their chat function) was super-friendly and super-professional and deftly took care of all my needs. I was so pleased in fact, I followed up with a tweet telling them so :)

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