ehowton (ehowton) wrote,


Life's resolution may or may not come at its conclusion
Its an ongoing revolution of evolution

Struggles impart that we're trying to be smart
In reconciling mind over matter like Descartes

Were it not so, surely we'd already know
Although we all show what we've been bestowed

Recognition of these gifts sometimes writhes and shifts
As we attempt to disentangle from our twists and trysts

I want to command what I understand both planned and unplanned
On the other hand I demand to withstand what other's understand

Cognitive dissolution is not the solution;
Confucian distribution certainly may slow the dilution

Sadly with an attitude of platitudes we limit our latitude
And supplant gratitude with a less than gratifying mood

To compensate, ingratiate - mate, sate
Deflate! And love yourself at an alarming rate.
Tags: poem

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