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Back in the Saddle

My wife's uncle was diagnosed with stage four lymphatic cancer, and we went to Wichita to comfort her mother and to see her uncle. He was in great spirits, and I enjoyed each visit we had with him. We will possibly be going to Wichita once a month throughout the treatment, which is on 21-day cycles until further notice.

lookin' for a little affection

Astro is on his way to St. Louis with five Begnal kittens, two of which we get to pick. We've decided that Daisy bringing us two bunnies was her way of telling us that she wants some friends.

I took a shot as a contestant on the Love Connection

Bought my third set of Dale-II's whilst in Wichita. Gotta love the Dale-II's! Unfortunately, danzigfried wasn't wearing his during our lunch at Chipotle.

The audience voted and you know they picked a winner

Our plans were to come back Saturday or Sunday, but he was not allowed visitors after Friday, so we packed up the car, and drove back last night, arriving about midnight - a seven hour trip. Guzzled an energy drink and hit the road. stuf123, this one's for you dude:

I took my date to the Hilton for Medina and some dinner

Mother-in-law's mobo appears fried. I think I have one of Tony's old Socket 478 motherboards, but will require a CPU and some memory, as I'm sure I don't have any spare DDR laying around. I went to CompUSA today to price processors and a new video card for my XP box. I had to crack mine open to see what I had, as its been so long since I built it:

Existing Card:

GeForce 5300
128MB DDR2
250MHz Engine

Possible New Card:

GeForce 6600
256MB DDR3
500MHz Engine
400MHz Dual-RAMDAC

She had a few drinks, I'm thinkin' soon what I'll be gettin'

It looks like xirr rebooted at 1521.

Instead she started talkin' about plans for a weddin'

My boy and I are going to go out back and pretend to be Zeo Power Rangers. I'll be Jason, the Gold Ranger, my son will be Tommy, the Red Ranger. I can't wait. *eyeroll*

Said wait, slow down, love, not so fast, says "I'll be seein' ya"

Didn't sleep well at all last night, but I did get about an hour of DS2 in, which is always nice. Unpacked this morning, went grocery shopping, and plan on getting the kids down about 2000 tonight. I sure hope I rest well this evening. Tomorrow, mow the lawn, get things ready for work Monday, and do as little as possible in-between!

That's why I found you don't play around

I may try to pretend that Gold Ranger is chasing bad guys with the lawn mower and kill two birds with one stone!

With the Funky Cold Medina!
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