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Dreamed my son and I were in the threshold of our 4-car garage, empty of vehicles, watching dusk fall. Movement caught our attention near the horizon, and what appeared to be a singular dark cloud was approaching quickly. As it neared we could make out a low drone, and perhaps more unnerving, movement within the cloud. We unconsciously stepped backward, into the perceived safety of the garage. Not too late, we realized the dark cloud were thousands - if not more - of flying creatures.

As the thin head of the group overflew us, some ducked to attack. They were batacuda! Seeing the numbers I was suddenly terrified and pulled the enormous garage door closed. Way ahead of me on the idea, my son had darted to the wall unit and activated it - which had the opposite effect as I had just closed it! Several swooped inside the garage as I struggled to close it again, waiting an extraordinarily long time for the slow automatic drive to complete its cycle.

My son and I were beating them away from us with our fists when one fell to the ground and I stomped on it with my foot. Only...these were too large to be hurt by the gesture. It lay trapped underneath my boot, writhing and snapping its jaws. I didn't know what to do next.

Several neighbors has come into the garage through the side door seeking shelter and one of them drew a knife, slicing the creature in half under my foot. The few remaining in the garage were quickly dealt with now that help had arrived, but I was worried we wouldn't stand the onslaught.

Sure enough, the rest of the creatures arrived in force, blotting out the rest of the remaining sun. We could hear their wings against the edifice and for several very long moments, it was terrifying. Then, as the roar subsided, we started to see glimmers of dusk through the windows. Eventually the tailing end of the massive swam dissipated. We had survived.

Two nights later I dreamed I was at a university library on the eve of war - only no one was aware of it. I could feel it though; the tension. General Eisenhower was there, quoting aloud (and by memory) all the philosophical quotes etched in the walls of the dark library. He was dressed in his olive drab dress uniform sporting 5-Stars on his epaulets. Something he'd said about an enormous flock of black doves - large enough to blot out the sun - being an omen to a precursor of war. I was suddenly filled with terror, having seen such an event firsthand. Then, with dread, realized my battle with the batacuda was suddenly much more than it had seemed!

Tags: dreams

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