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The Blackberry is, without a doubt, the enterprise standard for corporate communication, and rightly so with its rich feature-set leaned toward such. As a remote IT professional however, I seem to go through them about one per year. Recently added to the availability list, with help from an Enterprise App - the iPhone 4S. So I chose to go that route this time.

Sure the tactile keyboard is huge draw, but other than the minor email navigation hurdles (keyboard & touchscreen versus touchscreen alone) and some of the multi-tasking differences (physical keys make it easier to absolutely "back out" without closing down as compared to the single-button UI of the iPhone), I really do love this platform.

Right now I'm just struggling with various combinations of notifications (for rotating on call), which I thought would be way more configurable than the Blackberry, and while it may be, I haven't struck gold just yet. That and the Blackberry would connect to my bluetooth earpiece no matter which was powered on first - not the case with the iPhone - and if I answer the iPhone on the phone with the bluetooth attached, it assumes I don't want to actually use the bluetooth, rather the built-in speaker and microphone. Hrumph!

But it is nice having honest-to-god functioning apps over the occasionally-working Blackberry ports. And free apps. Damn near everything on the Blackberry is for-cost. 4G is nice too :)

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