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I dreamed I had been selected by [presumably] US Government Black OPS. It was a Men In Black type situation where they had hand-picked someone from each service, both currently serving and prior service, as well as a handful of other civilian operations. We were in something akin to Stargate Headquarters insofar that it was most likely a bunker; concrete and sparsely furnished. We were given access to a blanket - different designs, each on hanging on the back of a limited number of chairs in a small room - go in, pick one, meet in the common area. I selected one which was a black, green & white smeared in a kinda fanciful camouflage pattern. Thought it was the most conducive to my uniform from an accessorizing point of view - and these were to also serve as our "flag" throughout training. I shrugged it around my shoulders like a cape in the cold room and moved, with the rest of the crowd into the adjoining room.

We were given seats at desks to begin our in-processing. A hard-as-nails-but-sexy-gorgeous no nonsense woman walked in during the quiet paperwork, up and down the isles kinda like a dominatrix nun, observing the students and their progress. When she got to my desk she grabbed my blanket and held it above her head, announcing for all to hear that this was the special blanket used by permission only and would be gained through accomplishments and privileges only. Thus began the first test, she announced, and I knew exactly where this was going. Hand-to-hand combat, something I had never before engaged in.

She picked a rather massive Marine. His build was similar to that of Dolph Lungren in Rocky IV. She laid the blanket I had chosen (my "flag") on the floor and secured each corner with a leg of a beige folding chair. "Dolph" stood opposite me on one end of the blanket - shirtless - wearing tightly bloused camo trousers and combat boots. I was dressed similarly, only with a brown undershirt and my BDU jacket with the sleeves rolled up in a quick-deploy nuclear/chemical/biological warfare roll. I had never before thrown a punch, nor taken a punch, but I assumed two things immediately. One, he was going to hit me very hard in the face, and two, that it would hurt. I was pretty sure I was out of the running with this first test against a battle-hardened Marine.

Showing emotion for the first time, the hard-as-nails-but-sexy-gorgeous no nonsense woman shouted, "I want to see a great right hook!" I froze with fear. I had no idea what to do. I was going to be beaten into a pulp. As I visualized him pummeling me with a great right hook, I realized quite suddenly I would be able to anticipate his attacks by focusing on his body-language and movements! I knew what I was going to do. I stepped forward onto the impromptu mat and raised my fists in a defensive posture. He did the same then started shifting his weight between his legs. The crowd burst into the type of loud cheer crowds have a tendency to burst into, and some started yelling at me to dance as well, but I found it far too distracting and instead stood totally still. The scenes of Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes in the opening fight of the first movie filled my head and I ducked and dodged every one of his blows, retaliating with body blows when I could. Soon, the fight was over. I had won.

Hard-as-nails-but-sexy-gorgeous no nonsense woman softened considerably toward me at that point and derisively praised my strategy with a bit of incredulation. She was impressed, but didn't want to be. Professionally I had gained her respect, and over time all of us chosen were soon working together as a highly-integrated team. I was being groomed as the Minister of Intelligence in our branch of government service.
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