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Martin Freeman

Prepping my body for the DR exercise was tricky business insofar as I have been working odd hours the past several weeks. So when I awoke at 0900 Saturday morning knowing I was going to be getting up for the drive to Texas at 0100 Sunday morning, I anticipated a very rough drive. All was for naught however in what I can only describe as a perfect harmony of being as I grew tired and went back to bed a mere seven hours later for an additional 11 hours!

Perhaps more aggravating, after sleeping in Texas Sunday night, I showed up to work bright-eyed and bushy-tailed very early Monday morning and was told, "Go get some sleep, you're on second shift." Hrumph!

Perfect harmony of being triumphed once again because I drove straight back to the hotel, mere minutes away, and fell into a deep slumber in which I dreamed...

I don't remember much about why we were on a tour bus, but it was a very active place with lots of excited conversation. I can no longer remember the details, but at one point was surprised to see Martin Freeman among the passengers! When we reached our final destination there was even more mingling and conversation - outdoors on a white patio shaded by trees and broken up with long white tables and short white-bricked walls. I approached Martin Freeman for his autograph - which he readily signed - but kept insisting I try the Merlot.

I wanted to try the Merlot, but was afraid it would come up short as compared to what they served at SUSEcon. To that end I kept looking around for "The Architect" because I knew he'd be drinking the Merlot and could guide me on my best course of action. In my dream Martin Freeman was very engaging and very friendly.

So in between the long, odd hours of not sleeping, I do seem to be able to will myself to sleep when I need do, even if I am unable to do it when I want to.
Tags: dreams, work

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