ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Spatial Relationships

Endeavor to be clever when contrasting immorality with immortality; leverage your beverage to perform the empirical miracle.

Immerse into a diverse universe - not averse; perceive rather than deceive or mislead, heed need over greed. Unsubstantiated belief is like a thief, chiefly a motif of grief.

Identified limits surpass, low-crawl through the morass, beat feet; get dirty, wash rinse repeat - lessons learned within are sweet.

Either that or encourage discouragement and live a half life of lament while the rest of the world swirls past you indispensable; incomprehensible.

Well, don't fret about that, pilgrim, or as Enya once behold, one way leads to diamonds, one way leads to gold; another leads you only to everything you're told. In your heart you wonder which of these is true; the road that leads to nowhere, the road that leads to you.
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