ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Know Thy Audience

Dear Foreign Country Spammers,

Effectiveness might be a better end game than blindingly covering an entire nation who can't read your words and who's software blocks it from both public view and search engine crawling. So really, what is your point? You're basically sending me private messages I can't read, with links I certainly won't click. Most people are like me - they despise your ineffectiveness. Were you somehow knowledgeable of either your product, your audience, your platform, or your own geographical location then the ingenuity of that alone might raise some eyebrows and earn you your hard earned click. I saw Euro Trip, I know the $.02/per click directly translates into slapping people with gloves and buying your own hotel. BUT YOU'LL NEVER GET IT FROM ME OR THOSE OF MY ILK as long as you keep doing what you're doing.

I'm sympathetic, I am. But I also mock your gross negligence and woeful inadequacies. Here's an example of my sympathy; a tip. When posting to bbcode encoded sites, don't use html. The inverse would also be true. Your success rate might increase incrementally if people don't think you're entirely retarded. Good luck with that.

In Very Kind Regards,

Tags: russians

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