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Winter Storm Rocky

I looked outside last night and don't know whether it was the full moon doing what full moon's do; illuminating the entire area brightly, the snow, which reflected all light onto houses and objects around it, or both. It was still, and quiet, and at midnight - beautiful.

I dreamed I re-enrolled in college. I was traversing the sprawling campus trying to get my bearings, struggling to remember where my locker was, what the combination was, where my classes were. I think I remembered the order in which I had them. It wasn't a tough schedule - four classes every other day - but I remember excelling in some and failing others. I never seemed to have time to do all the assignments. I would sit next to the same people in each class and absolutely be intent on getting all my homework completed, but after class I found it was the beginning of class again and I hadn't finished the assignment. How did that keep happening? Subsequently I was always behind; not ever prepared for the class I was in.

This time it would be different. I was trying to find the registrar's office to get my schedule, but each office was its own department and independent of each other. Not only could I not get all the information I required in a centralized location, but each office, while aware of the other offices' existence, didn't know where they were located within the building. I spent hours wandering around the crowded hallways. This was going to make me late for my first class, the one I was never prepared for. No one there was going to be surprised. It was a mathematics class, taught by a dour, white-haired gentleman that looked a lot like an unfriendly Peter Graves.

I knew michelle1963 would help me out, as she taught at this campus. Taking a long, circuitous route I finally found her classroom, but she was already in session and I didn't want to interrupt. Making my way back to one front-office where the receptionist was trying to help a couple of jocks read words on a form, the registrar pulled out my enrollment history. It was on one of those large desktop calendars, where I could see entire blocks of withdraw/incomplete. "That was the period I had moved to Kansas. I'm back now." Apparently this situation had never arisen before, because it seemed awfully complex. And she didn't have my schedule. Nor was she aware of which department might.

As I awoke from this one, I couldn't determine whether or not the campus or the classes were ever real, and I was simply dreaming about my past, or if this was just a dream. As the cobwebs further cleared, while I still wasn't sure whether or not any of this ever took place in real life, I assumed that it must be a recurring dream - same campus, classes and faces over and over again which made it seem more like a real memory. Now that I am fully awake I can assure you none of it was real, but what a hell of a realistic dream when you awake and you have no idea.

The night before I dreamed I was at some sort of AA meeting for dumbasses - people who had a difficult time thinking, or behaved abhorrently because they thought it was permissible to do so. I was an observer in the class with a cover story fabricating my own bad behavior if I should be approached. The dream started out in folding chairs and afterward the small group of us walked down a quiet, tree-lined asphalt road on a clear, starlit night. We then had to traverse a narrow turquoise iron girder bridge. One of the troubled men there was talking to me, about what I don't recall. But suddenly we heard the whine of...the Batmobile! Specifically, its turbine engine. The rough-looking guy adjacent me had a look of shock and surprise on his face, but I knew it to be a 1962 Ford Galaxie, and was unsurprised to see a turquoise one turn down the street and accelerate away with its tell-tale engine whine. (I should mention that in my dream the 1962 Ford Galaxy was actually a 1959 Thunderbird...with a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado/Coupe de Ville front "bullet" bumper, making it appear as if it were one of those early turbine prototype cars.)

In my dream the AA meeting for dumbasses, asphalt road, girder bridge and turquoise car all happened two or three times in succession, only the last couple of walks was with my son & daughter, and catttitude. It was like my dream was caught in a loop.
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