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I aim to misbehave


Xanga will be down today from 7 am - 2 pm EST, as we move our servers to a new network facility (we ran out of room in our old one). We're loading a few hundred servers onto a truck, driving them across the Hudson River, and reassembling them in New Jersey. We'll get the site up and running again as soon as we can!

Thanks for your patience,
The Xanga Team

Bought a 5-pack roll +1 (2x3-can special pricing) of Grizzly this morning at QT. Hand him my card, he swipes it and asks, "Credit or debit?" I give him my standard answer, "Your preference." As I've noticed different proprietors prefer using one or the other based upon either certain charges associated with one or the ease of the other. With a line of people behind me, all in a hurry to get to work, he loudly exclaims, "It's your money, man! Your money! You decide!" Nice. Let me see if I can translate my answer here, for you, the common man who works at QT and possibly reads random lj entries: "I DON'T GIVE A RATS ASS HOW YOU DEBIT MY CHECKING ACCOUNT."

Grilled salmon in the rain yesterday when I got home. It was perfect. Friday night is our order-out night, and the day I get to bring home a brand-spanking new case of Pilzner Urquell! I love that beer, you know. To me, there is no more perfect beer on the planet. So cold, so fresh, so damn tasty! But of course that's all the wife will drink as well, which is always a double-edged sword. On one hand, I think she's awesome because of it, and we only ever have one type of beer in the fridge. On the other of course, She's drinking my beer! And Friday night is the one night a week we turn on the television. We've got catching up to do on The Sopranos.

I only post on lj, however, not everyone is as singularly minded as I am, they jump around - post everywhere! Have you ever tried to follow a thread on xanga? Following a conversation is a nightmare. And as drax0r heh, heh, pointed out all responses are posted on the corresponding person's page? wtf? My point is, in order to effectively post (or sometimes to post at all) an account is required. I regret to admit to the following:

Carla took off work Thursday, Friday & Monday. As she was leaving the office she exclaimed, "SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY!" I was mortified! To her credit, she was unfamilier with the euphemism.
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