ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Real Life

Cling not to being right
Nor cling to being wrong
Revisit conclusions often
Even those considered foregone

Challenge base assumptions
Knowledge shall be yearned
Behave in all manner of appropriate
Reconstruct lessons learned

Piece together logical constructs
For an accurate representative view
Question the source of held beliefs
Approach conflicting data anew

Refrain from articulating opinion as fact
Eschew all forms of subjectivity
Get everything you've ever wanted
When decisions are based on objectivity

Look deep into yourself
(It might be scary at first)
Question why you do what you do
And quite suddenly, for far more you'll thirst!

Tally and keep those which work repeatably
Acknowledge and dismiss those at which you fail
Its easy to see patterns emerge when you're looking
Comprehend why decisions have gone to hell

If something bad happens over and over and over
Quite possibly the problem is you
If things are always fantastic
There's nothing left to do!

You're suddenly ready to be challenged
A slew of hardship assaults
Deftly conquer them one by one
Dancing to a waltz

You've kept your cool and built your character
People take notice from afar
You're no longer that helpless complainer
You know you know who you are!

It really is this easy
And if you don't agree
Don't take my word for it,
Just try yourself and see!

If you fail, try again
Eventually you'll succeed
Only those who's attitudes are wrong
Is failure ever guaranteed

Tags: poem

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