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SEOUL, South Korea — PSY says he will change the title and lyrics of his potential "Gangnam Style" follow-up over worries it could offend Arabs.

The announced title for the song can be written as "Assarabia" or "Assaravia" in English. It's slang used by South Koreans to express thrills. It suggests no ethnicity or body part, but worries have risen that Arabs might misinterpret the title and find it derogatory.

PSY said Monday on a South Korean social media website that he has decided to change the title. Some lyrics also will change.

I've been to Seoul, South Korea, and I've been to Saudi Arabia. While the cultures there are both very different, there is something identical about them both - people. There are men and women and children and food and music and shopping and cars and houses, the list goes on and on.

Gracious! If I had to worry about offending the Arabs every time I did anything more global than this blog I'd worry myself silly! Of course that's the thing about offense - you can never account for all contingencies - someone, somewhere, is potentially going to be offended, and there's nothing you can do about it.

What if PSY offends his fellow South Koreans in his attempt to not offend the Arabs? What then? Sadly, many of us are not mature enough to accept personal responsibility by not being offended by others. We consider it an affront - a personal attack, "Yo don't be dis'in me."

I wonder how many people are offended merely by an unintentional misunderstanding? Hell, even deliberate disrespect is likely due to either ignorance or stupidity. If our egos are to too fragile to withstand the bottom-feeders, how do we ever expect to survive the more difficult curve balls life fires at us indiscriminately?

If someone offends you; disrespects you - GET THEM BACK by behaving admirably, and you will be vindicated. No other single course of action can turn the tables so quickly. Rising above is a two-fer: You have exposed the attackers foolishness, and given others an example to follow. The only example which will effectively nullify the power behind an offense. Suddenly, it no longer exists.

What a foolish reaction offense truly is.

As for me? Assarabia!
Tags: offense, psychology

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