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With the advent of 3D televisions I have seen a marked drop in the prices of full-HDTVs, as well as lower prices for blu-ray players while the 3D players populate the shelves. I wanted a modest 42-46" television, but couldn't find any in that size range less expensive than Best Buy's Insignia 55" with free shipping, free in-home setup, and 0% interest. No, I don't understand it either. It was notably cheaper than the smaller ones, so I looked into reviews - a majority of which were overwhelmingly positive. So in an unexpected twist, I got something obscene in size because it was less expensive - my first full HDTV. I also sidestepped the whole "TV Stand" and/or "Mounting" issue with what I consider my HDTV built-in: The perpetually unused fireplace. In short, I don't go out to eat, I don't go shopping, I almost never turn on the heat or the air-conditioner, and this affords me the ability to find insanely frugal bargains. The 0% didn't hurt either :P

The weather has finally turned nice here, so I've been walking. One unexpectedly frigid morning we had during an overnight cold snap, I chose to cut my walk short, and happened by a garage sale where a lady had sitting out a 100W/per RCA 5.1 receiver with no price affixed to it. "How much?" I inquire. Turns out, it was free. The lady selling it didn't need it, and didn't even know if it worked. I am pleased to report that it does, and for the sum total of, "FREE" I now have something far superior to the 10W built-ins for the 55" monstrosity.

I played with swapping my (apparently) "vintage" Infinity [8-inch] SM82's (As seen in this photo) with a set of small [5-1/4 inch] Sony's but the reproduction of sound was wasted - the Sony's were brilliant with the television but nothing can touch my Infinity's for sound quality - so affixed to my desktop they stay.

The very interesting thing about all this high-definition (and I can hardly articulate it exactly), is that I no longer feel like I am watching a movie or television show. I am no longer watching characters in places - more like every show I've ever loved is a soap opera, or actors on stage. This was so unnerving that I put in my faithful standby, Serenity, only this time in blu-ray and 1080p, and was shocked and saddened I felt the same. Its not even the same movie to me. Its actors, not characters. I don't know how else to explain it. Maybe this is something that requires getting used to? Even Supernatural seemed contrived. Sound-stage lighting and props. Its like watching people standing around reciting memorized lines; acting, rather than watching characters interact. I dunno, its just very odd.

I did however, have an overwhelming urge to watch the intro battle of Revenge of the Sith after experiencing the Alliance/Reaver battle in Serenity. I bet I haven't seen ROTS since 2005.

But I was SHOCKED at how good Netflix looked on 55" 1080p. I had NO IDEA. I assumed the great picture I was getting on my 20" 1600x1200 computer monitor was the best Netflix had to offer. I was so wrong. Like, ignorant of the entire world around me. Netflix on a 1080p HDTV is so much better than Netflix on anything else. I now feel like I should re-watch some shows, contrived or not. Its a strange thing being so enamored and yet so confused.

Time surely, well tell.

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