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Yes or No?

Ok, I promise not to bore you will a poll on this one, but consider the following scenario, and let me know:

A new friend uploads an avatar for drax0r of the text to one of his favorite flash animations, "The End of the World" which he recently posted here. Unfortunately, because the original creator was either a non-US citizen, too young to know there was Warsaw Pact, or just, well...dumb, the line "AH MOTHERLAND!" (as spoken by the Soviet comrade) was translated "AUGH MOW THE LAWN!" Which, of course, is just retarded. However, this single frame was stopping drax0r from using it as his avatar. As his dear friend, I offered to deconstruct, repair, and upload for his use. I retained the original file name of 'thnukes.gif' to prevent any confusion. My question to you is, Was he drunk?

The reconstructed image:

The saved gif:

The upload:

The verification:

The notification:

The drunken search?
Tags: aim, graphics, tony

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