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Was in bed by midnight; dreaming, when the pager went off at 0400 - file system full (on call this week). Decided to drink a full glass of cold water. Crawled back in bed awaiting the next page (they come every five to 15 minutes and /tmp directories almost never clear up on their own). Dreamed more systems started paging, the path was something like /opt/kingsisle/tmp which I found odd on an HP/UX machine, but then figured some basis architect was allowing their kid to play on our production machines.

Then Marko wanted in the bedroom. Then Marko wanted in the bathroom. Then - because the wind must have been just right - I heard the whistle of the train (Newton is, after all, an entire town built around the railroad here; moguls naming the town after their hometown of Newton, MA). But because I rarely hear the train, I wondered if it was the tornado warning going off? I jumped up again and powered down my Simply Noise brown-noise generator app on my iPhone connected to one of those speaker docks but it was only the train, not a tornado.

Restarting the app, I snuggled under the blanket, waiting for the pager to go off again. Only, Marko decided he wanted out of the bedroom. I pulled the the comforter tighter around my head. He started...meowing; howling - changing his pitch and tone to pierce through the brown-noise. Unsuccessful, he made he way to my head and spoke directly to me, insistently. Knowing that would work, I rose and let him out.

I laid back down waiting for the pager to alert again and fell into an uneasy sleep where I dreamed I was the captain of Serenity but the Alliance had found my location and were coming to impound the ship so I smuggled the kids off but catttitude was off world and didn't know, so I left her a message embedded in a soccer video; she would return, watch the video, the innocuous message, "They are coming" would give her the heads up she needed to rendezvous with us - only, I decided to double-check the message, and admittedly, at 12-minutes long, it was a rather lengthy video in which to embed a secret message. What if she got bored and turned it off not knowing what it contained?

But I was enjoying watching the game. It was odd, there wasn't enough space for a full-sized soccer field, so the goals were next to each other, and the team would kick it out, then back, either left or right depending on which team was trying to score - it was an ingenious concept for a game in tight quarters. The team I was rooting against had an enormously muscular fat person as goalie, the idea being he would fill the spaces disallowing the ball through, but in reality, with his size slowing his movements, and the adept precision of the kicker, he was totally ineffective.

Then my alarm went off. There were no subsequent pages, and no KingsIsle temporary directories on HP/UX. There was nothing, really - except a distinct lack of sleep.
Tags: dreams

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