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Dream About Me

I was contacted on the same day by two different people telling me I was in their dreams. Without prompting, both gave me a rather detailed synopsis. Detailed enough, that is, for DREAMBOOK INTERPRETATION. Yay!

I will not disclose the relationship I have with either of them for obfuscation sake, but they are both female if it matters (and in Freudian/Jungian interpretation it usually does). So without further ado:


I dreamt you were building a hot air balloon out of a turtle. There was an air of urgency to the construction, but I didn't know why.

Dreams of hat-air balloons indicate a desire to rise above mundane or worldly responsibilities. They can also represent a new sense of direction and purpose, symbolized by the fire lifting the balloon into the air; a note of caution must be sounded, however, as the fire needs to be attended to if it is to stay alight and keep everyone lifted.

Sea turtles and tortoises suggest a cautious spiritual search or path, so dreams involving them underline the importance of patience and fortitude in waking life (which is humorous given the dreamers urgency of my work).


There was a knock on the door of my house, I answered and there u stood in a white cowboy hat, purple overalls, white tube socks, and birkenstock sandals. You were there to help me eradicate a pest control issue in my house- seems I was being overrun by gigantic caustic slugs

Dream hats suggest intelligence and aspirations - [depending on the representative hat], headgear is also associated with allegiance to a profession, team or particular role in life.

White is often regarded as the color of purity, truth, goodness and hope; If white appeared in your dream in connection with someone you know, your dream may have reflected your faith in that person's goodness, or perhaps you feel that in some respects this person can show you a better way. Purple is indicative of loyalty, authority and justice. And because purple shades tinge the sky just before dawn and nightfall - times that were once thought o be imbued with mysterious and otherworldly power - they are thought to possess profoundly spiritual or religious qualities. Whenever the appear in a dream, they may be seen as indicating compassion, deep intuitive wisdom and, by implication, inner peace. If anyone you know was wearing purple in your dream, could this have reflected your admiration and respect for their spiritual or regal qualities? Or did these clothes irritate you because you of that person's self-aggrandizement, or because you feel subservient to some authority figure or institution in your life?

Socks often represent the cleanliness or untidiness of a person, and therefore depict some kind of judgement about what sort of person they are. Socks can also be associated with warmth and protection. Socks are often interpreted as symbols of female genitalia; such items may stand for the act of intercourse if they are being put on or off. Shoes can also suggest authority and sexual domination.

Slugs rarely appear in a positive light in dreams are are often symbols of prejudice. Consider whether you have been denying some part of yourself; if you have, accepting that part might be the best medicine. Slugs are also associated with sticky, difficult situations, or emotions with which you would rather not deal. The only way to remove the problem is to deal with it slowly and carefully. Try to overcome your reluctance to handle a situation and let go of your wish that it will just go away. The situation will prove much easier and less painful to deal with you proceed with awareness and care.

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