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Got Anger?

Having maladaptive coping mechanisms isn't anything to be ashamed of. We all, to one extent or another, rely upon them from time to time whether we're aware of it or not; ways in which we cope with external circumstances that have worked for us in the past are usually pretty solid whether they are healthy or not. Besides, having maladaptive coping mechanisms doesn't mean we're stupid - it simply means we're unaware of a better way - due to any number of circumstances. Again, nothing to be ashamed of.

Getting angry, however? That is stupid. And something to be ashamed of.

The thing is, it decidedly doesn't take a genius to not get upset about things - no matter what it is. There are other ways. Smarter ways. Less angry ways. Anger is not just unflattering, we may miss something very important through the blindness of our anger. Additionally, those who get angry are usually thought of by other people to be generally incapable of constructive thoughts/behavior - their anger proves it; sane, well-adjusted people rarely get externally angry. So while it doesn't take a genius to not get upset, the inverse absolutely seems to apply more often than not.

If we consider ourselves capable of thought, let's think about choosing to not be angry. Its *actually* a choice. Those who get angry, however, don't believe this. Isn't belief silly? Furthermore, I've compiled a comprehensive list of what shitty behavior nets us:

Not a goddamn thing

Funny, huh? All that anger gains us nothing. I'm not talking about the good kind of self-anger which can help us learn and grow, or a healthy expression of anger as an outlet. Mature, self-aware people wield that type of anger like a tool, something to be used appropriately, and never taken out on other people. I'm talking about selfish, childish anger that can't really be described any other way.

Also, I regret to inform the 10% who know what I'm talking about, that the other 90% will get angry reading this :/
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