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This weekend, taking my 91-year old grandfather-in-law Bill to Parkerville, KS for his family reunion.

The weekend after that, Mom and Dad were supposed to drive up for a long-weekend with the kids. Instead, Mom fell (again) and this time, broke her hip - she's having hip-replacement surgery now. Two weeks before, she became acutely nonsensical from a urinary tract infection, and last week, acutely nonsensical from the medication to clear it up. I hear she's lucid now, but decidedly angry. She asks my father questions, but doesn't understand the answers, or refuses to believe his answers. I've had plenty of experience with this rather recently, and its astonishing and heartbreaking. I don't even know what to think.

The week after that is Disaster Recovery Exercise time again in Texas! I'm heading up a day early to see Mom and Dad and let them spend time with the kids. Just like last time. Yes, I'm bringing them with me to DR again.

While there my daughter is staying with FRIEND1 (the same friend she stayed with last year), and my son is staying with FRIEND2 (because FRIEND3 moved to Idaho since last year). Additionally, when I finish DR and leave Texas, I am bringing FRIEND2 with me to Kansas - to meet up with FRIEND3 (mutual friend of FRIEND2) and his sister (FRIEND4) from Idaho to stay with me while FRIEND2 is here. (Make sense so far?)

I will have a houseful with 5 kids. Its worth it of course be able to drop them off a week in Texas each year for DR (and work does pay for my travel), and my own children sing praises in my name because of my awesomeness. Its good to be the king.

Of course at some point (and I'm still fuzzy on the details because this is quite the logistical feat and the minute changes create Typhoons off the coast of Japan later down the line) I will be driving halfway (Oklahoma City) to meet up with FRIEND2's mom for the drop-off, and dropping off FRIEND3 & FRIEND4 who-knows-where or hosting their mom here at some point for pick-up enroute back to Idaho. Between myself, the Idaho mom, and the two Texas mom's, cast of thousands to keep this machine running smoothly :)

And that's pretty much the kick-off to my summer!
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