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There's gay (, and there's most gay (only being able to post to with Internet Explorer). Any shade or even hint of gayness pisses me off. You can imagine my mood after running into this. Grrrrr.

I'm ran into a rut with my new Delta Flyer gif. Once I resize the preview images I presented to the correct size, the one my public picked, #5 becomes lost in the color. Hmmmm. Back to the drawing board. I took one of the plain-jane ships, separated it from it's deep-space background, rendered clouds with a trekkish blue/green tint to it, pasted the ship into that and ran a 25% smudge across the stern of the ship and it's port winglet, touching up the entire outline of the ship with a 50% blur before adding a spotlight effect from the rear. And again, I'd like to apologize for the entire polling disaster.

Poor little CPU fan on my laptop is running 90% of the time now. 20+ browser tabs, ST with 8 sessions, gAIM with 10 sessions, Lotus Notes with 15 tabs & calendar, Outlook with six messages open, two IE windows, Windows explorer, two ms-dos consoles, three putty sessions, calculator, notepad (my all-time favorite MS app), Access, four Excel spreadsheets, iTunes, Thunderbird, Photoshop Elements 4.0, and our ticketing system...Stupid laptop.

Ah, that wasn't fair. My little mac mini at home can't keep up with me any more either. I've begun working more and more on my uber-XP box. NOW I see why Tony wanted his dual-proc G5 tower. Speaking of OSX, my USB-attached CF card reader has stopped working on every box I own, except my linux box. Discuss.

Since I changed themes on my lj to one with a black background, the transparent gif I use for my page edits is no longer an effective visual (as it it black) so I went about updating it. First of all, I moved from a Star Trek font, to the Diablo II font (Exocet). Easy - just make it white instead of black, and go. Unless...I'm on someone's friend's page with a white background. Right. I tried a variety of primary colors, but they all looked like ass. Fine. I put a nice drop shadow on it, so it could be black, and still visible on both backgrounds. Not quite. Between the cross in the 'O' as one example, retained white, not being large enough to be considered selectable for transparency. I then bounced back and forth with some success between outer glow (which outlined the black letters perfectly) and emboss & inner glow. However, without a proper matte selection for primary background color (we're talking black & white here - literally) the rough edges surrounding the soft glow made it look my 3-year-old's work. After much thought, I decided on an image, which could be turned into a transparent gif easily, and retain the soft glow of the outlined text atop that - which would translate easily to any color background. What image, though? Because I was using the Exocet font, a sword sounded like a good idea, and one which would translate easily to my mind's eye - a slim, lengthy image! I browsed a sword site under the 'fantasy' collection, as I wanted as ornate a hilt as possible, and found a beautiful specimen. CMD-CTRL-SHIT 4 overrode the php image holder disallowing 'Save As' and crop/rotate/resize in Photoshop gave me the perfect orientation. But the blade was wrong. Found a broadsword blade: nip/tuck/ta-da! I must've saved this image 15 times using different gif options, as it looked absolutely beautiful on every browser/OS combination except *ahem* my primary system: Firefox/OSX. Oh well. Posted anyway:

I updated Firefox for OSX from 1.0.5 to and it fixed the .gif issue.
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