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drax0r was such a minimalist, I would weep. Subsequently my grandiose pretty-fication of everything I touched welled within him a voracious desire to inflict pain. The problem wasn't always whether a comely form was required, rather at which stage to begin working on it. In this we disagreed. I was drawn to teh sexy shell, wanting to back-fill everything required to support it - that was my motivation to continue working. He wanted to get the bare-bones framework in place and then sleep. Let me do all the rest of the work. Between the two of us, however, we used to roll out some pretty nifty projects.

What I have done with the laptop rebuild wasn't overly difficult, but it flows. From login to logout (not that I ever "logout"), the entire user experience is one of chi. Whether I am working on the base o/s xterm's or making identical changes simultaneously in my ubuntu session, or even doing those reprehensible things which require internet explorer, the entire process is layered transparency. With a trick of identical backgrounds and login screens, everything just seems to float in place - adjacent one another, atop one another, yet multiple environments doing vastly different things, simultaneously. The only thing that slows me down now is the laptop proc (an old core-duo) and memory (4GB). Perhaps I could find a 7200rpm external array to utilize as my offboarded vmfarm?

Of course this looks spectacular on a dual-monitor setup, what with all these discrete operating environments adjacent each other. I really didn't think I could be more productive than I was, but sometimes I amaze even myself. I've been taking two laptops to DR, only this new setup is both more flexible, and less bulky - the things I can touch simultaneously fascinates me, all done through a set of secure silos which never overlap - unless they need to.

This year I bring only a single laptop, and run these three operating systems at the same time:

Tags: linux, vbox

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