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Capacity, Pt. II

Today (so far) is far (far) easier. Why? I don't know. But this morning, everything flows. I assume, in part, its her increasing ability. The independent movement she is capable of today far surpasses her previous capabilities - something I was not expecting to occur so soon. This makes my assistance more effective, and strengthens her for future independence.

But I think that only tells part of the story. Knowing myself as well I do, I also assume knowing what to expect aids me tremendously. We have a rough routine of movements down, a ballet of required actions - and knowing ahead of time what I am going to face and its resulting outcome, I think, makes me far more prepared.

When I arrived Tuesday, I didn't forsee this level of improvement.

[time passes]

When I first arrived in Texas, I spent time talking to the social worker at the nursing facility and the home healthcare nurse, both who expressed reservations about the level of care yet required. My father cited insurance and secondary coverage and the (rather high) daily co-pay involved with a full-service nursing home. Additionally, he didn't feel she was getting enough care at this particular facility. The wonderful social worker told me, "Perhaps your father will have to come to realize he cannot provided the level of care she requires of his own accord."

Turns out, she was right.

This week-long exercise has enlightened him, and he's decided to place her back in professional care for the next six weeks.

I think maybe I've been enlightened a little too.
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