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Feeling Human

The week-long ordeal with my mother seems downright surreal at this point, and we're on the scrubbing data portion of the Disaster Recovery Exercise which means I've since slept.

It was a wonderful experience on many different levels this time around, and I'm thankful for having been chosen to participate. Our room this time was much larger - I was able to spread out my laptops (after the first night I was encouraged to bring my "externally connected" laptop) and second monitor without appearing entitled or feeling hoggish. Not that it stopped me the last two DREs, I was just more comfortable in doing so.

I also go to work with a manager I've never worked with before and a Database Administrator (DBA) I've not worked with before. Both were very pleasant surprises. It helps when you're a professional working with a team of professionals - each night we accomplished far more than I thought
possible; my goal each night was to complete as much as I could as to not further burden the day shift team. It worked well, especially alongside my counterpart, who readily agreed to work the components I was not strongest in. Our evenings were damn near serendipitous.

A couple of funny things that stand out for me, using the word "Karmatic" in reference to my boss looking over and telling me, "God I love Excel" the day after this post despite having not read it, and the subsequent conversation:

"Is that even a real word? No one is going to know what you mean when you use it."
"You knew what I meant."

But hands down was in reference to this old post, where I came clean admitting my learned lesson to the co-worker in question. She laughed and laughed and laughed. Then asked, "Who was it?"
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