ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

The Most Difficult Password Reset Request Ever


hi Eric
unix machine account issue
they is a password expiration on an account in x app servers
the user y
it works in dev but not on the dr servers
can you help me set so that we ssh to it and setup .ssh folders?
we are trying to resolve the issue for production deploy

Eric: which account is expiring on which box? and you want the other box to also expire, or to not expire?

the user is y
and the server is x
let me know when it is done

Eric: let you know when what is done, exactly??

finish the y account setup
we can ssh to x user account
that's the issue

Eric: want me to disable ssh access to that server for that user?

we CANNOT ssh with y
and we want to be able to
that is the issue
sorry for the misunderstanding
please let me know

Eric: its prompting me to log in. are you saying you cannot?

yes, I want to connect

Eric: how about i just reset the password for you?

you can if you can

Eric: try it now.

let me try it please
thx a lot!

Tags: linux, work

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