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Open-Mindedness is Akin to Nihilism

When you don't hold a strong, emotionally-backed opinionated viewpoint on damn near everything, it can be confusing for those who do, and things can get mixed up a little bit. I understand this, and work very hard at compensating for other people's shortcomings - because Lord knows they're not going to compensate for mine (hint, they shouldn't have to).

Given the numerous, incomprehensible times my reply, "I don't care" has been taken out of context from the question it was supposed to have answered and assumed to be of an existential nature, I've decided to modify my responses and no longer use that particular configuration of words as a viable phrase.

No, I'm not kidding:

"What time would you like me to come over?"
"I don't care."
"I wasn't asking about your nihilistic, `life-has-no-meaning` viewpoint on life, I wanted to know WHAT TIME YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO COME OVER?"

To that end, I've come up with a few exhaustingly verbose replies which I hope mitigate my woefully inadequate communication skills, or at least drive home the whole "question predicates answer" without repeating the question verbatim in my response.

  • There is nothing in my current schedule which should conflict with your preference.

  • My schedule is routine - which ever would be most convenient to you will be fine.

  • What works best for you?

    • (This sometimes backfires as if I were asking a more general question about the lifetime scope of hopes and dreams as compared to a current reality in which I may or may not be assumed to wield full responsibility over, rather than an answer to the most recent, just-asked question.)

  • I am open to working with you to find a [date/time] which will work for both of us.

  • Anytime will be fine, as long as you call ahead.

  • I will ensure I am available the entire day just in case.

Did I miss anything?
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