ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Surprising Relationships

Having been put on the night shift during our Disaster Recovery Exercise, I didn't get to see my peeps, but I did make the rounds regardless. The EHOWTON!SHRINE was still there, creepily untouched since last visit, but my biggest surprise was walking into Miguel's cube and seeing pictures of Estanislao's wife and kids.

"So that's how it is," I uttered under my breath, a little surprised.

Turns out they share a cube now, and one works remote most of the time.

I always suggest jumping to conclusions as the most inaccurate representation of reality. What we think we know is usually limited by our perspective, and announcing that perspective surprisingly reveals to others much about how we view the world. The number one response I get when I suggest things may be different than how they appear, is "Nuh-uh" because (I kid you not), "I know what I saw." Actually, they don't. Ensuring a stable, unchanging worldview is paramount to those who are incapable of piecing together logic and/or making sure it doesn't clash with what they believe should be true. All of this is frighteningly automatic compounded from a lifetime of maladaption; seeing truly is believing - believing what one wants to believe rather than a much closer version of truth. The same can be said for auditory processing through conversations "You said..." What I say and what people hear is usually colored by what they expect to hear. Its really no wonder these people are so frustrated all the time. Everything around them must seemingly conspire against them!

As for me, I'll remember the fun lesson of Miguel and Estanislao, and leave those who believe what they see to the magician circuit.
Tags: philosophy, work

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