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Unlike a true palindrome, this one reads 321 FUTS REPOORT MROTS A NALP ANAMA which, loosely translated: this guy just rocks!

Thanks to stuf123 for providing this outstanding caricature of yours truly, as Stormtrooper, officially my new favorite avatar. Many, many posts from now, if you require his site again, just follow my LINKS area to ehowton's spaces and his is the first link under my "Custom List."

From his Yahoo! 360 blog:

Steve R is one funny guy - but you pretty much have to have a sense of humor yourself to appreciate him. He's generous and taleneted and will always have your back in a fight. Steve R enjoys soundtracks and halloween and works as many hours as an IT Professional...

I met Steve on The Score Station (where, to this day he can be seen on chat occasionally) enjoying many a soundtrack together. We share love of Pixar movies (ok, he is an animator...) and an overabundance of desktoys. Mine slant towards sci-fi, his slant towards super heroes, and currently - he's winning.

Now that I live in Saint Louis, and have met astro, our friend stuf123 is just a few hours away, and my dream (I HAVE A DREAM) is to one day, meet the man, the legend, stuf123.

He'll do yours for $200 cash or payment in cases of Nerd (tm) candy!
oh, and I promised him I'd say this:

Tags: aim, avatar, graphics, stuf123

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