ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Dream Inundation

In order, each day day this past week I've dreamed some really weird shit. The earliest dream I had I was near downtown Dallas, Munger Place, in a formidable FDR-era unadorned red brick building - maybe a schoolhouse with a courtyard. We were in an impromptu auditorium sitting in folding chairs, and I was visiting with First Lady Michelle Obama - she was in the row in front of me. It may have also been a trial, because quite a few inmates attired in tan linen jumpsuits and shackled hands and feet. At one point my brother - among the inmates - stood up in a lithium haze and started to wander off. Not wanting to cause a scene, my father went to him and calmed him down enough to sit back down. First Lady Michelle Obama turned in her seat, and asked, "Is that one of your brother's friends?" I corrected her and explained that actually was my brother, then explained we had tried to figure out all the ways we were both very similar, and yet very different. After the meeting/trial/whatever thing there was a crowd at the front door so I suggested to my dad we take the rear exit. I swung open a green wooden door and stepped out into the mostly unlit parking lot - it was a quiet night and a dark sky. When I turned around I noticed the green door actually had about a two foot drop to a concrete landing supported by some sort of red brick buttress surrounded by a small area of grass amongst the asphalt parking lot. I cautioned my aging father against the maneuver, suggesting I meet him around front, but he said he could make it, and promptly jumped, tripped, somersaulted, and crumpled on the grass below - unmoving. I picked up his twisted glasses and he sat up proclaiming he might be too old for such stunts, pulled a brand new pair of glasses from his front pocket, put them on, stood up, and we walked off.

The next night was equally as curious as it involved a visit from none other than the President of the United States, Barack Obama! We were in an old abandoned mall with zero fixtures and there was some sort of rally the entire community was involved in. I was part of a band! We were going to play music (and make money) by setting up in one of the dank, narrow concrete lined rooms. Problem was, this room didn't have any visibility due to the many turns from the main thoroughfare, an advantage our competitors had noticed and were exploiting. At some point, Barack Obama had pulled me aside - he had found a secondary location for us to set up in. We relocated to the new space and started working - there were wires and cords and wireless access and lights and speakers - it was going to be fantastic! Sadly, while we were on the second story with great visibility and better placement of sound, as it was a detached building, there was no foot traffic.

Last night was was by far the most frightening as it involved multiple felonies. I was living in the back of a friend's RV - doing all the things I would normally be doing. My kids were away for the summer and my wife was gone on a trip when my friend's parents came back and wanted to reclaim their RV. As I was making preparations to relocate to a small room in their house, my mother had sent a 500-gallon plastic jug of carpet cleaner and my wife returned - only - she was embroiled in some politics and had kidnapped, bound, and locked up a man in a remote location as a protest. I was mortified and frightened and did everything I could to discover his whereabouts and set him free. Once I was successful, I conspired with michelle1963 to protest that act of aggression by doing the exact same thing! We kidnapped a man, bound him, and locked him in a storage-unit like locker at the local high school. Once I realized what I had done - and that no matter how I was able to justify it at the time, it was still a felony, I panicked and tried to undo everything, hoping everyone would understand the difference between a real felony and my illustration. That said, it was homecoming and the high school was packed. I had to park the Grand Marquis some distance away, and walk in, but the entrance was blocked by a large yellow school bus on a steep grade, with apathetic students slowly exiting the bus, fascinated by my impatience to move past them. But I was a disabled veteran and walked with a limp, and a cane. So the bus driver was going to carry me up the steep grade! I didn't want any part of that so with some difficulty made my own way through. Once we were at the unit where the bound and gagged man was locked on the other side, I realized we'd locked him in with a brand new lock, discarding the packaging, before we had memorized the combination. Even more panicked, I begged michelle1963 to run and buy some bolt cutters while I frantically and ineffectively peeled off all the anti-establishment stickers I had foolishly adorned the kidnapping victim's location with - but she was in no hurry at all and instead helped me peel off the stickers. I kept begging her to go, physically pushing her away, but she must have been in shock as all she could do was peel stickers.
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