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Casa Howton Cinco de Mayo

The grill is the stove I never had. It's just massive. We had a Cinco de Mayo celebration Friday night. I was sauteing on the side-burner and boiling stock for the chicken chipotle soup on the left two burners and grilling THREE quesadilla's on the right. It was fantastical. The weather was perfect (if not a little warm), salsa music was playing on the deck and Carla was mixing up margaritas! The chips were crispy and the salsa cold. The neighborhood kids stopped by in droves and each left with a slice of quesadilla. The chicken chipotle soup was way to spicy for the ladies, so I've been eating on it the last three meals, and it leaves my belly hot for several hours after each meal - fantastic! Anyway, tons of fun.

So we watched Lord of War. Tom saw a trailer which made the movie look like a comedy. It was anything but. Anyway, great soundtrack, lots of good, hard-hitting songs from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Now this part - is funny. Normally, when I'm looking for a score, I usually only find the soundtrack. This time, I was actually looking for the soundtrack, but got the score! So, bonus. Sorry galinda822!

These cats are worse than children! They are into EVERYTHING! Both of them have just started this habit where they will climb me. If I am standing still, they will leap at me, then make their way up my person, usually laying down once they've reached my shoulders. And today, while wearing a $75 Polo, Niobe tried to eat a hole through my shirt! Grrrrr. (heh - incidentally, the same shirt in my grill avatar; that's it - these wildcats are after the beef smell infused in the threads!) Then Daisy disappeared. That pissed me off. She doesn't do it often. Showed up again just before midnight. I love my Daisy.

Dreamed I had an Italian dinner with celtmanx and his folks; he ordered the same thing he always orders, the Cannilloni. Also dreamed the wife and I went back to Germany together on vacation. I wanted to bypass traffic, so I was driving a tiny yellow dune buggy on the sidewalks. Until it ran out of power. Then we marched up this enormous parking garage to get to the car rental place, but I kept thinking, "Why not just take the train?" They had a kiosk in the German car rental place in which you could rent mac mini's at 65 Deutsch Marks a day. I thought that was a pretty good price.

All I have to do today is mow the lawn.

That picture reminds me. Our Missori neighbors were open the first time I unfolded that chair with the Texas flag on it. I asked them, "Now that I live in St. Louis, might as well get a chair with the Missouri flag on it. Think they make one?" The answer was, "No." It was sitting next to my cooler with the Texas flag on it. "What about one of these?" Again, "No." Now, I've lived a lot of places. Why are us Texans so damn proud of our flag?

Also, discovered 13x2000 First Edition Hot Wheels, 16x1999 First Editions, and 3x1998. Also 4 more Daytona's. Previous entry updated with this new information.
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