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Serving Minecraft

Its been a very interesting week. I've been on call, which isn't so unusual, but my son choosing to play with me, rather than his friends, is. Working from home affords me exactly these types of opportunities, getting six or seven hours of work in each day before he even awakes what given summer vacation and all - which is waning - they have only 20 days left here in the Sunflower State.

He's been pushing me kinda hard to play Minecraft with him - something I didn't think I was interested in. Until I found I was focusing on all the wrong things. So I logged in on his sister's account and we played for two days straight - in between the after-hours work generated sametime's, text messages, and phone calls. Had I not relented I may never have seen in action his enthusiasm and creativity - well worth the €19 Euro for my own account - seeing this side of him.

I even relegated myself to the downstairs computer to play adjacent him. As much fun as it was watching him play, it was equally fulfilling knowing how much he enjoyed my playing with him - because he mentioned it several times. Being me of course, I couldn't help myself from tinkering with things just a bit, so I dusted off a couple of Xeon servers - one I loaded with Ubuntu 13.04 server and the other already had Win7 on it - and started running our own private instances. Pretty soon, I installed ESXi on the beefier one so we could flush it with individualized games. He was pretty geeked out too :)

Its times like these - the long summers - that I hope he looks back upon with much joy. I know I will, but this is the kind of stuff that will shape who he becomes.

Tags: gaming, kids

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