ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Schlitterbahn, KC

Made the 3-hour jaunt North to Kansas City with the kids to introduce them to Schlitterbahn. I'd heard great things about it in Texas and was surprised to find they built one here in the Midwest. Yes, they loved it. Our last big blow-out before school starts. Schlitterbahn on a Wednesday, and not just any Wednesday but the last Wednesday of the week they were open, laid out even more perfectly than I'd planned - the place was nearly vacant. The kids were submerged nearly the entire seven hours they were open; I lasted four before I got out and changed into dry clothes.

The next planned outing isn't until October - AnimeCon in Wichita - fortuitous timing as the kids want to cosplay and that'll just about be the time all the Halloween specialty shops open their doors :)

Tags: kids, wichita

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