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Comprehending the Incomprehensible

Posted on 2013.08.18 at 00:00


pcofwildthings at 2013-08-26 01:50 (UTC) (Link)
Wow, Eric, the extremes of the belief system you were indoctrinated with as a child makes my liberal Lutheran upbringing seem like a picnic (with plenty of birthday cake and beer). Of course, it still takes much thought energy and analysis to deconvert, a process which is ongoing for me. I just started reading The God Delusion by Dawkins, and in the preface he talks about people "not knowing they could" (question their religious beliefs). I knew that I could, but did I really want to? As Dale McGowan says, "the desire to know" must exceed the "desire to believe." I think everyone is different in regard to if/when they reach that tipping point.
ehowton at 2013-08-26 17:12 (UTC) (Link)
I like to think I'm more well-rounded because of it. I run up against people who've had no such programming, so they miss out on the pleasure of overcoming an internal struggle :D
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