ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Conversation Piece

So there I was, walking around the neighborhood. Marko was out that evening, so decided to follow me. Maine Coons are notorious for this. So he walked all around the subdivision with me. At just about the furthest point, there were two little girls sitting in a cul-de-sac and a woman my age walking her dog who had stopped to visit with the little girls.

As I approached, one of the little girls asked, "Is that Marko?" Surprised, I replied, "Why yes it is." She then asked, "Is Marko a boy cat or a girl cat?" I replied, "Marko is a boy cat." This prompted the question, "How can you tell?"

I uh, paused...made eye contact with the woman who's eyes were now as wide as mine...looked back down and said, "Uh..."

"The same way you can tell boy dogs from girl dogs?"

Relieved, I nodded, "Yes, and I'm so happy you figured that out all by yourself!"

Tags: cats

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